5 Common Problems of An RV and Their Quick Solutions

A tour of RV is full of fun. An RV helps you to take a break from your routine life. A weekend trip or a vacation, an RV can make every tour adventurous. But, an RV is designed with some complicated parts. Hence, an RV may show you some problems like your house does. These common RV problems should not be ignored. Otherwise, these problems may take a bigger shape. 

So, what do the statistics say? According to some (industry) statistics, 30% of RV may face severe problems. Moreover, after 2nd year every RV should be maintained well. Because an RV will require repairs after the 8th year. So, to keep your RV fit, you should know – how to avoid and maintain your upcoming RV problems! 

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5 Common Problems Of An RV and Their Quick Solutions

  • Water Pipe Bursts
  • Tire Blowouts
  • Toilet Problems
  • Battery Problems
  • Leakage Problems

Below you will get every information regarding these common RV problems. So, let’s discuss – how to solve these common problems of an RV 

1) Water Pipe Bursts

Your RV’s water pipes or water lines may burst. These water pipe problems happen in winter. So, you should take care of your RV’s water pipes in the cold season. 

How To Avoid 

To avoid water pipe bursts, you should not keep any water in your water tank. Empty the tank daily. But, if you are not used to emptying the tank, then you should listen to weather forecasts carefully. Moreover, you should empty your water tank before it freezes. Winter months are not RV-friendly. So, you should check your water lines before storing your RV. 

How To Fix 

Sealing lubricants can be used to stop water leakages. But, if the problem persists, then you should replace the leaking part or the leaking pipe. 


2) Tire Blowouts 

Sometimes your RV may face not-so-good roads. These bumpy roads can be a good reason to blowout your tires. Now, your RV is heavy. Hence, a tire blowout can ruin the balance of your entire RV. So, tire blowouts can be dangerous when driving. 

How To Avoid 

You should check your RV’s tire pressure regularly. Furthermore, you should keep a spare tire with you. You should also not forget to check the pressure of this spare tire. Because the spare tire has great importance. 

How To Fix

 When blowouts happen, you should stop your vehicle immediately. Find a safe roadside place and replace your tire. You should never forget to bring essential tools to replace your tire. 


3) Toilet Problems

Toilet problems are truly embarrassing. Your RV’s toilet water may come out of the toilet bowl. It’s an annoying problem and you should take immediate steps to stop this toilet water problem. 

How To Avoid

 These toilet problems may not occur within the first 6 or 8 months. So, it may not be always possible to avoid it. But, you can take care of the slide valve seals to keep them working. Try to keep the inside edge channels free from calcium and unnecessary dirt. 

How To Fix

First of all, you should try to stop the leaking valve gasket. But, if you fail to stop the leakages, then you have to replace them. Just pull out your toilet to replace the valve gasket. Secondly, you should know the proper tank holding treatment in an RV. This chemical can break down toilet papers and waste in your tank. So, there will be no odor and no clogging. 


4) Battery Problems 

Your RV’s motor, lights, and appliances depend on the battery. So, if your RV battery fails, then your RV won’t be enjoyable anymore. Hence, you should keep your battery active. 

How To Avoid

Battery failures can be avoided. You should check the fluid levels of your RV’s battery. Distilled water can be added to your battery time to time. But, you should wear protective glasses, masks, and gloves before touching the battery. Because a battery can emit hydrogen gas. You can also use sealed batteries to avoid battery failures. You should disconnect the cables of your battery when your RV is not in use. In this way, you can save your battery’s charge. 

How To Fix 

Recharge your battery to keep it active. Just find an AC power socket to charge your battery. But, if you have to charge your battery frequently, then you should replace the battery. 


5) Leakage Problems

Your RV’s roof may leak. Even, your RV’s window seals may wear away. Harsh weather conditions, branches, and jerks can damage your RV’s roof and windows. 

How To Avoid 

You should try to cover your RV’s roof. You can use rubber coating to protect the roof. You should reseal your windows once your windows leak. 

How To Fix 

You should replace a damaged roof vent. But, you may have to stop the leakages temporarily. In that case, you can use, roof sealing tapes, duct tapes, and thick plastic bags to seal the roof. You should seal roof vents (mounting flange), breather caps, and antennas. But, you should repair every leak carefully and you should never ignore them. 


These preparations can avoid common RV problems. But, problems will never warn you beforehand. So, you should inspect your RV every week. Only good inspection and great maintenance can keep your RV healthy and active. 

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